Caritas Development Institute envisions of a just society where people and people's institutions uphold humanistic values and are capacitated in knowledge and skills for sustainable livelihood.

* LENTEN THEME OF 2018 * :'Giving up selfishness, let us build a life of compassion and peace' ~ Recent news : Lenten Campaign Planning Meeting 2018

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Assessing The Endline Situation June 2017

Explore Indigenous Peoples

Baseline Study report on ICDP

Urban Poverty

Livelihood and Health

Socio-Economic Status of the Beneficiaries

Baseline Study of ICDP, WELRP and PLHR

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CDI News, ISSUE 20; April-June, 2017

CDI News, ISSUE 19; January-March, 2017

CDI News, ISSUE 18; October-December, 2016

CDI News, ISSUE 17; July-september, 2016

CDI News, ISSUE 16; June, 2016

CDI News, ISSUE 12; June, 2015

CDI News, ISSUE 11; December, 2014

CDI News, ISSUE 10; March, 2014

CDI News, ISSUE 09; December, 2013

CDI News, ISSUE 08; September, 2013

CDI News, ISSUE 07; June, 2013

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New Arrivals, Jan-Mar, 2017

New Arrivals, Oct-Dec, 2016

New Arrivals, Jan-Mar, 2016

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New Arrivals, Apr-Sep, 2015

New Arrivals, Jan-Mar, 2015

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